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tv   Headline News  RT  August 5, 2014 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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that is the great. the story yesterday. tonight on r.t. international the pentagon confirms that a u.s. generals been killed in an attack on a military academy in afghanistan he's the most senior american officer to lose his life in the country since two thousand and one. shell shock in east ukraine these are the pictures in the town of which is under heavy fire while another resistance ganske declares a humanitarian disaster. and israel pulling its troops from gaza both sides agree a three day cease fire we look at the devastation wrought so far by the month long mission that's killed nearly nineteen hundred people.
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for a good evening for me kevin owen here in moscow tonight it's eleven pm moscow time our top story a two star american generals been killed when a foreign military academy in a car bull was attacked by an unknown gunman dressed in an afghan army uniform the pentagon says he's there for the highest ranking u.s. officer to lose his life in the country since two thousand and one and this is more . a military training facility that's overseen by the british military camp on the outskirts of kabul in afghanistan a gunmen dressed in afghan military forces uniform carried out a shooting which killed a two star u.s. army major general and a german brigadier general as well as at least fourteen other members of the western including american and afghan forces on the ground we're also hearing
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reports that local officials are saying that in fact three people have died and fifteen have been wounded so attack did in fact take place on tuesday as high ranking military officials were visiting this facility for meetings and that's when the gunman carried out the shooting and of course we know that this is reported to be yet another insider attack in afghanistan where a member of the afghan forces turns against the western and need to lead troops on the ground that are in there to train the afghan forces so certainly the fact that we're seeing these cases where afghan forces that are trained by the u.s. and west turning against them is an extremely bothersome trend of course and these cases did peak in twenty twelve were dozens of them took place this is of course dwindled but this particular case is certainly going to be causing major alarm in the near future that's very safe to say now that we're told the middle east expert
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do you believe the. this is reflective of the deep seated resentment against occupation forces the united states and its allies we know that the taliban have been fighting. a low level but increasingly bitter war against the occupation forces. they have chosen a target a british run military academy there was an important gathering where this shooting took place so there was a large concentration of senior army officers from the united states and i lied and made them to target. the small turnout in eastern ukraine has come under heavy artillery fire this is the video we've been getting from the area residential houses have been severely damaged by shells that judging by the noise local said they believe that the army been using using heavy
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rocket launchers to attack the many residents are fleeing their houses. for to shelter in basements if they've got there it's a similar situation to in the ganske which local leaders describe as being in the grip of a humanitarian disaster now that assessment follows weeks of big besieged in a city that has long been a focal point of resistance almost half of the guns populations fled but two hundred fifty thousand remain are now trapped there the ongoing fighting has left the city without electricity and is now hindering repair works water supplies have also been cut off as of mobile and internet communications there's a shortage of medical supplies and food on top of all that a new problem creating a potentially serious health hazard removing waste from the city's become impossible. i'll just let you know in about an hour's time from now the u.n. security council said to hold of emergency meeting over the crisis in ukraine it was called by russia earlier today as when it happens we'll take you there live or
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not international. humanitarian crisis is expected to be on the agenda maria from oshman's in the besieged city of new shows we've been reporting is among the worst affected. lugansk is a shadow of its former self it was once a flourishing regional center with a population of half a million today it is largely abandoned and dangerous destroyed schools and hospitals silent reminders of and go in conflict this is a hotel in the center of the guys where we used to stay just two weeks ago there were gas here mostly journalists but also ukrainians running from violence in the towns of crime i thought against libya as they used to be two major percenters of the large scale military operation here in eastern ukraine there was also a chinese restaurant on the seventh floor but now as you can see the dow has been shut down the sign says hotel is quote the further we go from the center the
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greater the destruction all of his house was damaged when he shall explode in her garden and sort of the flowers should planted there is now a deep crater. is there and should be you break a deal is a hoot of them i suggested a day of news there if you would you dear dear like other locos here who haven't already fled the fighting has taken shelter in a basement here to get back you shall not. be a fool just out of my junior barker be an actual fact to dicky i grew to love you pretty flower get your back many of those sheltering under ground and seek. and desperate attack you know where you are you know you go up here sure you're not she did very brave warrior one night here. as we're speaking military city drops out like cows are a constant problem here the lines were apparently repaired just before we arrived
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there was really a good way to look at it but i knew that a load of. it here to get into it really is. really going to go out with what they believe is the reason shelter under almost every apartment building in lugansk and there really empty this is a not a basement but the has recently become home to local residents and it's not that they hide here at the time of intense shelling and environment you can see there literally live here every family has its own. place here like an apartment building that underground in one of the coins or is only. the youngest resident i've seen use in far he shares many of the fields of deal did he come here. paul says you did you not just a couple she shouts of god. is it only a sport. at nine pm every day people in different basements recites the same prayer
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the ask for god to protect them and bring them peace but as the shelling continues around them the furthest a day to plan a had is to moderate when they say they will meet here again brief notion r.t. ganske ukraine. ukrainian officials say at least two civilians have been killed by a pillar of fire on the outskirts of damascus key government stronghold is in the news with us almost every night in the last few hours too we've been getting reports of heavy fighting between carriers troops and local militia let's bring in a bit closer on the map ukrainian army said to be closing in on that city the been reports it's bolstering its ground missile systems there over the past couple of days here says it is preparing for a decisive offensive although there are no reports that any big battles that mean the so far the next though vital it's a vital hub for both the region and the country and here's why it's ukraine's fifth largest city with a population of nearly
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a million blast year forbes named the most attractive city even doing business in the whole country it's not now it's one of ukraine's main economic hubs the center of the nation's mining industry just a couple of years ago denotes through thousands of football fans small across europe when it was a host city for europe twenty twelve how things change for the worse it's a very different place now months of heavy shelling has left locals devastated. associate only to the thought that all of those roads engine. clearing up look you . know. you know you most of us mission. impossible. few. was it in the past couple of hours the house being no report coming through the the biggest district in the nets has come under attack we might speak to
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a local journalist there who got there just minutes after the shelling started. so i go through a lot of you know what you will receive then szell air has come under a killer recliner almost the very center of the district where there's huge supermarket there's at least one victim the shells hit a school an office building and a bus stop there were about five or six massive blasts and they hit the residential area in the biggest district dr nancy near the supermarket and at the bus stop there were no self-defense forces for sure. oh you mean time moskos where you have to sponsor the sanctions recently imposed by the west later this hour we'll look at one option reportedly on the table which could see european airlines losing up to a billion dollars in three months. in justifying their stance they're citing all sorts of what they see as international precedents in cost of the upcoming referendum in scotland but the
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response that they're hearing from the one is that what you're saying is illegitimate but what we have been doing is still full of life in america if you break into there still good luck america does is right rules are made for other people for centuries like russia or countries like this trade. back whatever america does is right because america doesn't. choose your language. skills and. the consistency of. the opinions that you think great to. choose the stories that impact your life choose the access to.
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well again a number of british business leaders say sanctions against russia are unnecessary there wrote an open letter to the telegraph newspaper saying the best way to build trust between countries is through trade in contact sport to tim jelly he's one of those who signed the letter he told me what motivated him. i don't think the sanctions will really help we just want a voice that could well be job losses coming along the u.k. invests something like twenty six billion in into russia russia russia invests something like nine billion it's taken twenty years to where we are now. people find it hard enough to trade with russia in the first place without all these sanctions on once we tell them the opportunities are vast then they'll buy into it
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but i think this is in the long term unless something really happens to sharpen it all up it will cause a big detrimental effect. meanwhile president vladimir putin says moscow is no preparing its response to the western sanctions that are also reports that russia could close its airspace to european flights have been doing asia coty pilbeam looks at potential consequences if. they are now at the peak of the holiday season and people wishing to travel to asia from europe could find themselves caught up in all the sanction chaos so in response to european sanctions grounding one of russia's low cost airlines russia is now considering shutting down its major transit routes for european airlines so far as you can see from this map we've taken recently from flight trader twenty four dot com the flights are performed through russia's siberia right back because it's shorter and therefore cheaper which ultimately means
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a cheaper ticket for the consumer if waltz to close this route your holiday flight from europe to asia will be several hours longer and it's already going up right now in fact the european allies will need about four thousand kilometers to their routes which equates to an extra thirty thousand dollars per fly as an airline source quoted by a domestic media outlet that m.s.t. says that possible losses of western allies. could amount to one billion euros in just three months old sim that it's actually you can see where that would be paying more money even though you've got the inconvenience of having to fight a long. total radiation the fighter jet is not the most comforting sight if you come into london your plane but that was what happened here on this cutter jet looking out the window as it flew into britain's manchester airport earlier on pilots radioed ahead saying they'd been told of
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a suspicious device on board the airbus a three thirty did most land safely though and then a male passenger was arrested for making a hoax bomb threat. israel's police troops out of gaza or a three day cease brokered by egypt is now officially in place and talks are underway in cairo israel says it's completed its mission which was to target hamas but which brought the worst devastation and civilian losses you need nearly nineteen hundred palestinians were killed in israel's own around four hundred fifty of them were children also damaged over one hundred sixty schools and destroyed twenty four hospitals which had been overflowing with a dying palestinians bill but asked for the human rights watch says it's fair to brad the operation a war crime he thinks. the operation has been a catastrophic failure. you know whether or not we will continue to see rocket launches whether or not the israeli political and military leadership feels they
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are able to claim success now is less direct concern than the fact that gaza's infrastructure is on the brink of collapse there has been such massive destruction in areas that the israeli military declared a no go zone that covered almost half of gaza's territory many families were not able to return to the remains of their homes not their homes but what's left of them a large number of attacks we've seen where attacks were launched without any military objects in the area large numbers of civilians getting killed by very precise advanced weapons. despite the fact that there were no rockets being launched from their areas that there were no members of palestinian armed groups in those areas but what's most important from our perspective is that there be accountability for the crimes that have been committed here ceasefire or no ceasefire i mean we've seen cease fires in the past be held up as as justifications when western countries or the israeli military claims that hamas violated the cease fire in the past that
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has been held up as a justification and a claim that any future civilian deaths would be the responsibility of hamas for violating the cease fire. that is completely incorrect and quite dangerous what has to happen is that you know the laws of war need to stop being violated and finally for once in there needs to be criminal accountability for war crimes. starting from israel's foreign ministry explain to us why she thinks the israeli operation was justified this is a terror going to zation that we're fighting terrorism is a sham that's one to bring destruction disagreement here was not about him us it was about civilians innocent civilians they're being killed here yes and unfortunately the hamas uses these people as human shields you know i mean she is into war it is there on a number of occasions about you know where civilian objects are located in specifically this particular school why is it that israel has not heeded that you know and also said that they found missiles into one risk pools they went out and said it that's un schools that were used to hide missiles this is just another one
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when israel was warned about this that you know there are civilians in the school sheltering also u.n. secretary ban ki moon a cold your action a war crime but you know why does this not unsettle you it unsettles us a lot we would not want to be in this situation in the first place that's why in the beginning we did not start a military operation but once you have rockets flown at you again and again we've passive three thousand rockets that were shot at us in the last month three thousand rockets holy you went out and declare that the hamas has to be militarized meaning they understand that hamas has to draw all their weapons and stop being a threat to the people of israel and they said if you can look at what merkel said you can look at what obama said so actually actually we have a lot of support. the decision to scale back the operation follows a chorus of global condemnation spaying rage it just became the second country to
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ban arms sales to tell of the well britain said it's reviewing its eight billion pound weapons agreement with israel but khaled mahmud a labor m.p. from britain told me he doubts condemnation will go further than just words. unfortunately they've dragged their feet for too long they can even condemn this portion ality of the action that's taking place which frankly wouldn't quite rightly said it is a war crime and the issues are so desperate about innocent people men women and very very young children high profile approaches baroness warsi from u.k. foreign office resigned initially from the government saying she she couldn't support this anymore you think we'll see more people of doing that kind of thing or not why i certainly hope so i think you know until we start to come to terms with those and not listen to the rhetoric that the i.d.f. israeli government is putting forward and look at the what's happening on the ground you have to try and do that you're in burning in britain is second largest
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city there you want to fly the palestinian flag over city hall but the council said no i will continue to fight for that because it's about recognising the devastation that's taking place against innocent people civilians and children this is what this is about this is not about taking sides in a dispute that's going on about territory and who should be what this is about an unjust strike and retaliation against people who are unable to defend themselves. israel has a long history of mobilizing against its opponents but whether to achieve the desired aims is up for debate if you look at the recent history books in two thousand and six israel invaded lebanon to take on hezbollah fighters the result the group got stronger and the conflict helped it into power in beirut since then there's been four devastating wars between israel and hamas but now the former rival sides fatah hamas of the unity government and in doing so only strengthened opposition to the i.d.f. also the human cost of those bloody conflicts is what's really gained traction in
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people's minds especially lately it's inflicted deep damage to israel's international image in twenty thirteen it found itself among the world's least popular countries according to a b.b.c. poll. earlier we talked to a former israeli soldier who refused to serve in protest over the government's actions and signed a petition letter along with dozens of others we asked her what she thinks about the mission. in general it at this period of time it's very difficult to be opposed to the operation in any way. very much out of the concerns is everybody most of the country is is behind this operation feels that it is justified just so expressing a point of view that that it is not in line with that. is not a comfortable thing to do right now i have actually been a little bit afraid to show my involvement in the letter to to make a point of it as much as they would have me be before the operation.
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yeah it's a difficult time right now. amid the war and all the horror about what's happening in gaza someone in marketing somewhere thought this was a good idea a game challenging players to bomb hamas while trying to avoid civilian casualties needless to say because of the public outrage google quickly pulled the ad to r.t. dot com for the full story also online for most japanese anime fans got it why it was a crime being prosecuted became famous the world over after she was turned into a sexy cartoon code from lloyds now being blacklisted by tokyo find out why we might not be seeing so much of her on the main anymore just a click away and american scientists appear to have found a cure for a bowl a little bit of good news maybe which is currently raging in parts of africa or initial tests involving two infected u.s. aid workers seen the conditions improve somewhat more of that as well at r.t. dot com. washington's accused of putting health
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initiatives around the world at risk on monday it was revealed that an hiv prevention program was used to send young latin americans to cuba to stir up political unrest got a teacher can report. it's no longer a secret that some of the u.s. government aid programs have a dual purpose the u.s. agency for international development usaid known for overseeing billions of dollars in u.s. humanitarian aid was dispatching venice oil and poles to weaken and peruvian young people to cuba hoping to provoke a revolution in their young latinos often posed as tourists they traveled across the country and recruited people whom they believe they could turn into political activists a form administrator with a venezuelan over station who participated in this effort said there was no safety net for these inexperienced workers if they were caught by cuban authorities so the spying program involving the use when don't even after the scandalous arrest the
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felon boss in two thousand and nine who worked as a sup contractor of the usa he's now serving a fifteen year sentence in cuba the u.s. trying to foment honesty in cuba is nothing new of course but this latest investigation by the associated press reveals how humanitarian aid programs were used to that end such as in a child the prevention workshop in memos obtained by the a.p. is labeled as quote unquote the perfect excuse for the program's political goals the us government actually is not hiding the fact that some of their programs have a dual purpose speaking about this they should be workshop program the usaid said quote it enabled support for cuban civil society while providing a secondary benefit of addressing desired cubans express information and training about prevention. well when confronted with questions about the program the u.s. state department ignited a hidden agenda. the first thing that people ask them is how do we know that you're
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not cia well strengthening civil society and in pairing a civil society to be more capable it's something that that was the focus of this program and again i think what's been communicated with any who have is the secretary comfortable with this apparent mixing of missions we would disagree with that characterization some of the headlines tonight fighters from the islamic state movement moving fast across the middle east now going the first ground in lebanon bloodthirsty group already controls swathes of land in the rack in syria they've captured the lebanese city of along the syrian border after days of heavy fighting the islamists have set up checkpoints but have not yet declared the city part of the color for that they announced on the occupied territories of syria and iraq the lebanese militant group hezbollah vowed to help the army to retake arsal from the jihadist political analysts cover was and he gave us his perspective on what's going on obviously. it's not the only town there is fears
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that some other places could be all sort of source of tension as it is in the north and border of level in tripoli kind of think sometimes but eventually the lebanese army and the people will be able to carry a battle against these terrorists but we don't have to rush saying this is going to be all over an operation this will probably take maybe take some days i may be. before lebanon come put this behind it. thanks for watching us and i will be watching around the world on kevin away but with more in about thirty three well it's time after the break my skull is back again much to stacy tonight looking at how britain stop worrying and learn to love fracking.
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in fish farms waters do you have a problem a because. i saw it spread all over norway is the most toxic food you have in the whole. process drowns out in the tissue inquiry furthermore those restrictions. that. really knows what's inside the fish. clean more zero casualties war this is the great fantasy of war mongering politicians. capturing people is messy what do you do if the innocent
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killing them easy for we reserve the right to kill any person anywhere any time. they can do that looking for they can't be true muslims makes these things so very. politicians get a new kind of power via this technology that is very tempting. drama is the trying to be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. the food since changing the world right. to pictures of today's news. from around the globe.
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welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser we must stop worrying and learn to love the french because mr president we must allow neither a mine shaft gap nor a fracking well gap stacey max nobody's minding the gaps out there because this first headline reads how fracking is blowing up balance sheets of oil and gas companies now the u.s. energy department e.i.a. that's the energy information agency looked at the data coming out from the oil and gas companies regarding fracking and this is from their own report you can look it up on the e.i.a. dot org dot gov actually and it says big.